• Favorite Reads of 2018

    A couple of years ago, I made it a goal to read more. I had been reading lots of blog posts, which counts in some ways, and Twitter, which counts in no ways, but I wanted to start focused on reading the list of books that were piling up on my proverbial nightstand. In 2018, I upped my goal to read three books a month. Below are my ten favorite things I read, listed in chronological order, last year.

  • The Gossip One on One

    There are lots of good types of One on Ones. There’s the Breakthrough One on One. That’s a tough one to beat. There’s the Problem Solving One on One. The One Level Deeper One on One is always energizing. The Look Ahead One on One is crucial, and when it’s done well, it becomes the most important one you do. These one on ones are energizing. You leave reminded of why you signed up for this. Of course, these aren’t the only kinds of one on ones you’ll have.

  • The Space Between Autonomy and Abandonment

    A product leader was asking me how I approach management. Confidently, I answered, “I believe in autonomy. I try and translate the needs of the business to the team and then give them the autonomy to make the right decisions.” He nodded and asked me which decisions. I stumbled. I didn’t really have an answer. What does the right amount of autonomy look like?

  • Choosing Between the Five Habits and the Five Dysfunctions

    I’ve spent the past 18 months as an engineering manager managing against the learnings from Google’s Project Aristotle. Project Aristotle is Google’s multi-year research project to determine what traits and habits make their most successful teams successful. Each trait builds upon the one before it, like a pyramid, and so teams should focus on developing the base habits first before moving up the pyramid.

  • Favorite Reads of 2017

    Somewhere in the middle of 2017, I set a goal of reading 30 books by the end of the year. I finished Book 30 sometime around 5pm on New Year’s Eve. Here are my favorite ten in chronological order.