• HTML5 and Media Queries

    I finally took it upon myself to tackle HTML5, and you are looking at the results.  Of course, implementing any form of HTML5 isn’t necessarily rewriting all of your markup with fancy new <section> and <nav> tags nor does it have to be adding HTML5 native Javascript.  The first step is the simplest, but it’s a first step nonetheless.  I started by simply replacing my doctype with <! DOCTYPE HTML5>.  Gorgeous in its simplicity, no?  This change alone will give you HTML5  features in all modern browsers1.

  • Davis Square Flag

    I came across this project for Good magazine in which a collection of designers and illustrators were called upon to design flags for their respective neighborhoods. Some were beautiful in their simplicity, others appeared to be the product of designers trying to show of their skills rather than fit the creative limitations.

  • The Importance of bind() in jQuery

    The jQuery library has always been held in high appeal for its gradual learning curve and generally quick implementation. The API is concise and includes such simple event watching nomenclature as show(), hide(), ready(), submit(), focus(), and more. The one popular event watcher that I kept seeing popping up in script after script was the generic bind() function. I never fully understood what made implementing the bind function any more desirable than click() or focus() until working on a larger scale javascript project the other day.

  • Maintenance Month

    Following Chris Coyier’s lead, I decided to go back and clean up some parts of the re-design I had neglected. It took some digging into pages and posts that I barely touched, and that have barely been seen, so I was glad to have the push.

  • Like a plane crash that never hits the ground

    As a songwriter, I’ve always been amazed at what comes out depending on what’s going on in my life.  When things were going well for me, my friend and bandmates would joke that things needed to get worse or the music would suffer.  They were more right than they might have thought.