Tomorrow is the first day of the work month which normally means two big purchases: my Commuter Rail pass and my T/Bus pass.  For the first time since I’ve come to this fair city, the $59 T pass is getting left out.

A two-way T trip runs $2.50, so I would have to ride the T 24 times to be in the red, or black, or in the loss column on this endeavor.  That means a trip a day, which is normally the case, except now I walk the 12 minutes to the Porter Station instead of the 5 minutes to the Davis stop.  Amazingly, this gives me two extra minutes in the morning before I have to leave the door since I don’t have to catch the T at Davis, I’m just jumping on the commuter train at Porter.  And, if I do happen to leave a little late, I can still make it to the Porter station on time if I run a block for every minute that I’m late (math on that exact ratio is still in testing).

Regardless, I’m generally happy running the extra block or two so long as I’m able to cue up a BS Report before I walk out the door.

Back to the experiment, I think I can cut my T trips down to 16 a month without breaking a sweat, which means a cool $20 in my pocket every month.  Chances are I’ll try and save this, but let’s take a look at what $20 can go to:

$20 = 1.5 meals out with friends = 1 rack of Busch Light