It goes without saying that the possibilities involving jQuery Selectors are vast. I recently needed to select all table cells within a given table that only spanned one row. The start to this seemed easy enough. The not selector would be able to target all td’s with a rowspan, but how could the selector cover all possible rowspans? It might be easy to assume that the values would be small enough.


This selector becomes unwieldy quickly. Not only does the selector look daunting, the code is simply fragile. What happens when a table cell with a rowspan of 5 comes along. It becomes a silly arm’s race. Luckily, jQuery allows attribute selectors without values. So a simple selector such as


works beautifully.

This of course makes more sense when you consider attributes that don’t necessarily need values. So selecting all inputs that aren’t disabled can be done like so:


Any other easy jQuery selector involving attributes without values? Share them below!