Following Chris Coyier’s lead, I decided to go back and clean up some parts of the re-design I had neglected. It took some digging into pages and posts that I barely touched, and that have barely been seen, so I was glad to have the push.

Some fixes you’ll see:

  • Images from the Archives: After moving my site from /blog to the root of my domain, a few image links became broken. I was fearful that I'd have to dig into the meta data of the wordpress install to designate the new image folder, but I had actually linked the images on the site absolutely, a big no-no regardless. Simple fix, and finally implemented.
  • Archive, Post, and Page Layout: I wasn't sure at the time about including the sidebar on all child pages, so I left these layouts in limbo, including the sidebar, but not doing it very well. The CSS was in place, so a bit more html markup completed the changes.
  • Post Navigation: The post navigation had some float issues. Since every element in the post navigation div was floated, a clearing element needed to be introduced so that the subsequent html didn't run right up into it. IE7 has a margin-bottom bug with floated elements, so instead of introducing a bottom margin on the post navigation, I merely threw a top margin on the post.

Have you started maintenance on your own site this month? Plan to begin in the coming weeks? Leave a comment.