When I threw together the design you see on this very blog, I did it haphazardly and quickly just to get a bit of presentation to frame my entries.  It was always meant to be a dynamic frame, one that I could use as a training ground to various tips and tricks I picked up through my work, both professional and personal.  Looking at the current layout and site hierarchy in more depth, I’ve decided to scratch most of what little you see here and strip down to the bare essentials.  By re-focusing on the content before continuing on with exploring new design techniques, I’ll be able to re-imagine this web space to become not only the design and development playground that I originally intended it to be, but to be a proper gallery of my accomplishments and pursuits.  In breaking things down, I plan on following three tenants and lines of thinking that I’ve come across in the past six months since introducing this site:

In addition to these inspirations, the new site will include a focus on typography and minimalism, both of which should provide a new spotlight on content.

What you’ll see as a visitor will be a constantly changing design as I will be working in the browser, and, for the most part, pushing updates to the live site as quickly as possible.  While this is not the most professional approach, I will consider this site an academic case study and web development playground for the next few months.  For those interested in design and coding, I will be posting periodic updates on the what, why, and how of the developing site.  For those interested in areas of the site, I would ask you to not mind the mess, but the idea is that no proverbial under construction sign is needed, that the site will be functional and accessible at every stage.

Thanks for staying tuned and for your general interest.